Alterra's Fate

Chapter One

In the beginning....



King Phillip is the benevolent and revered ruler of the city and nation of Tuoni. He is a staunch ally to Kalevala, Nyra and Ilmatar and has good trade relations with the Tur Town, the Shire and Sylvanus. His coat of arms bears a purple dragon.

The city of Tuoni is a port town straight out of a fairy tale. Beautiful and clean with well mannered folk who are genuinely friendly. Ships arrive from as far as Tur Town to the east nearly every week. Fishing boats and smaller vessels depart and arrive daily. The castle is guarded but access to the populace for audience is easily attained. Caravans of goods from the Shire and other nations flow in on a regular basis.

King Phillip has sent messages to a small, reputable group of individuals, requesting an audience to discuss a matter urgent to the realm and kingdoms therein.


Deagan Callimedes of the Council of Nyra, Queen Zelda of Sylvanus, Lord Bordalf of Kalevala, Archbishop Shevchuk of Ilmatar, and Burgomaster Kohl Gunnerkrigg of Surma.

In addition to the local leadership, a pair of scouts and their henchmen have arrived. Lyshana and Kemanorel from Sylvanus. Roderic Hildigard, a Halfling from Huntington and a Surmese Dwarf nicknamed “Chuck.”

The scouts arrived first. Roderic and Chuck were quick to indulge in the palace hospitality, gorging themselves on food and drink. Kemanorel chose to boast to the stable hands of his many adventures and achievements. Lyshana found the highest point in the castle she could access to play her flute.




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